Could this new malaria vaccine save millions of lives?

Scientists spent decades working towards a vaccine, and now the World Health Organization has approved the first.

Ewim Polyclinic became the first in Ghana to roll out the Malaria vaccine Mosquirix
A nurse takes a vaccine from a bottle to administrate it to a child at Ewim Polyclinic, Ghana [File: Cristina Aldehuela/AFP]

With close to half a million deaths from malaria in 2019 – most in sub-Saharan Africa – scientists have spent decades working towards a vaccine, and last week, the World Health Organization approved the first.

But, with only 30 to 40 percent efficacy, some are also asking, is it worth it? And, there are other questions about how quickly it can be deployed.

We talk to one Kenyan scientist who grew up in one of the world’s most malaria-ridden regions and hear about how he is helping to stop this dogged and deadly disease.

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  • Dr Bernhards Ogutu, chief research officer, Kenya Medical Research Institute @KEMRI_Kenya

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Source: Al Jazeera