If there is to be a future, it should not be led by the West

‘The West has proven it is incapable of leading the world,’ says African studies scholar Yannick Giovanni Marshall.

If there is to be a future worth living, a future where we won’t always be under the threat of Nazism, climate catastrophe, nuclear war, or fascism, the West should stop leading the world.

The West has proven that it is incapable of divorcing itself from characteristics that brought about horrors like colonialism and the Holocaust – characteristics like white supremacy and the belief that colonised peoples, colonised countries, and colonised thoughts are disposable.

We need an alternative to Western hegemony, an alternative in which all sorts of life can exist without being in the stranglehold of capitalism and colonialism and white supremacy.

African studies scholar Yannick Giovanni Marshall explains why he believes the future is post-Western.

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