Syria regime troops take full control of Homs

Regional governor says troops are checking for traps in last area held by rebels, who have withdrawn under a ceasefire.

    Syria regime troops take full control of Homs
    Syrian forces flew the national flag in central Homs [Getty]

    Syrian government troops have entered the last rebel-held districts of the Old City of Homs for the first time as part of a deal that also has granted opposition fighters safe passage out of the city.

    Talal Barazi, the regional governor, said on Friday that engineering units were combing the old neighborhoods of the city, including the former opposition stronghold of Hamidiyah, in search of mines and other explosive devices to dismantle.

    An estimated 1,700 rebels have left Homs since Wednesday under the deal struck by the government and opposition.

    However, the evacuation of the last batch of fighters from the city was still not confirmed after opposition fighters in northern Syria prevented aid from reaching besieged pro-government villages.

    The aid delivery to Nubul and Zahra was part of the Homs evacuation agreement.

    More to follow.



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