Egypt releases Al Jazeera producer

Howayda Taha appealing earlier jail sentence for reporting on alleged police abuses.

    Taha's lawyer said she had all necessary papers
    issued by the Egyptian press centre [File: AFP]

    Police confiscated her tapes and sent them to be inspected by the department of artistic inspection, Helmi said.

    It was not clear if any charges would be raised.

    "She is under a constant police watch, they want to ban her from working in Egypt," he said.
    Police said four other people were arrested with her, including three crew members and an Egyptian human-rights activist.
    Taha was sentenced in absentia in May to six months in jail and fined $5,600 for working on a documentary highlighting torture in police stations.
    She has appealed against the sentence. The appeals court is due to deliver its ruling on February 11.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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