Turkey's 'cage' plot

Details of alleged plans by military to undermine government.

    Elements of Turkey's army are accused of being behind the cage plot [EPA]  

    The Kafes, or cage, plot was an alleged attempt by Turkey's secular military to destabilise the governing Justice and Development (AK) Party by provoking political and religious minorities to act against the government.

    Details of the plot emerged when Taraf, an independent Turkish newspaper, published leaked documents on the affair in December 2009.

    Below are excerpts from the documents.

    1. Preparation

    in depth

    Timeline: Evolution of Turkey's 'deep state'

      Documentation: 'Sledgehammer plot'
      Documentation: 'Cage plot'
      Analysis: Trial exposes Turkey's secret operations 

    Collect names and addresses of non-Muslims in Turkey, the subscription lists of publications owned by non-Muslims, names of workers, parents and students of non-Muslim educational facilities, the foundations and places of worship of non-Muslims.

    Find out what are the significant religious dates and holidays for non-Muslims in Turkey and where their cemetaries are located.

    2. Creating Fear

    Publish the subscription list of Agos [a liberal Armenian newspaper, once edited by the murdered Hrant Dink] on fundamentalist Islamist websites.

    Make threatening phone calls and send threatening letters to the subscribers to Agos.

    Graffiti/post threatening slogans on walls in places where there is high non-Muslim foot traffic.

    3. Public support

    Publish the Agos subscription lists in the national press/get them in the news.

    Get "friendly columnists" to write about what is going on.

    Get the topic discussed on debate programmes on television. Emphasize how the AK Party is "apathetic" about what is going on.

    Increase activities and traffic on anti-AK Party websites.

    Create websites that look like they are AK Party sourced. Put religious content on them targetting Agos and religious minority media.

    4. Actions

    Bomb attacks on the islands [located off Istanbul] where large numbers of non-Muslims live.

    Bombs to be placed in the ferry terminal for the islands

    Defenders of minority rights to be assassinated.

    Percussion bombs placed in and around places like Agos' premises.

    Sensational attacks on non-Muslim cemetaries.

    Famous non-Muslim businessmen and artists to be kidnapped.

    Cars, residences and workplaces of non-Muslims to be torched.

    Bombings and arson attacks on areas of Istanbul and Izmir where non-Muslims live.

    All to be co-ordinated through the Special Plan Cell, but the blame placed on Islamic fundamentalist groups.

    SOURCE: Al Jazeera


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