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China 'hopeful' on Tibet talks

Two Dalai Lama envoys to hold talks with Chinese officials on Sunday in Shenzhen.

    The talks come seven weeks after protests against Chinese rule erupted in the Tibetan region [Reuters]

    Hu expressed confidence about worldwide support for the Summer Games, which China has hoped would advertise its rising international clout.


    "I believe the Games will be successful for sure with wide support from the world including the Japanese people," he said, as quoted by Jiji.


    Protest aftermath


    The dialogue takes place seven weeks after protests against Chinese rule in Tibet and a subsequent crackdown by China, which caused an international uproar including demonstrations targeting the Beijing Olympics.


    Tibet and adjoining regions were rocked in March by the biggest protests in nearly two decades against China's rule in the predominantly Buddhist Himalayan territory.


    The Olympic torch returned to mainland China after a troubled worldwide relay which included protests in a number of cities, including London and Paris.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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