Ex-Garuda boss freed from jail

Released after one-year term for aiding in killing of Indonesian rights activist.

    Indra was charged with falsifying documents to help a pilot get on board an activist's flight to kill him[EPA]
    Indra was detained on April 14 last year and a court sentenced him in February this year to one year in prison minus time already served.


    He was charged with falsifying documents that allowed the Garuda pilot, Pollycarpus Budi Priyanto, to travel on Munir's flight.


    The pilot is serving a 20-year prison sentence for murdering the activist.


    Munir's case has drawn widespread international attention and is seen as a test of how far the Indonesian government has reformed since the 1998 end of former president Suharto's government.


    Munir provided legal counsel for victims of officially sanctioned violence during Suharto's 32-year rule.


    Human rights groups have long accused BIN of involvement in the killing, which it has denied.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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