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China mine blast kills 25

At least 25 miners are killed in the latest disaster to hit China's deadly mining industry.

    China's mining industry is hit by fatal
    accidents almost every day

    That accident prompted provincial authorities to order an overhaul of safety in the province.
    Rescuers are still searching for at least 12 miners missing from the incident.
    Deadly trade

    China's mining industry is the world's deadliest, reporting fatal accidents almost every day.

    According to official figures, in the first 10 months of the year, 3,726 Chinese coal miners died in more than 2,300 accidents across the country. That was, however, 22 per cent down on the first six months of last year.

    Most accidents are the result of poor or non-existent safety measures as mine owners cut corners to profit from China's soaring appetite for energy.

    Many dangerous mines have been closed down only to be reopened illegally to meet the booming demand.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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