Will any Haiti aid effort succeed?

Gonaives still struggles to recover following devastation of Hurricane Hanna in 2008.

    While a vast foreign aid effort is struggling to meet Haiti's desperate earthquake survivors' needs 17 days after the disaster, the storm-ravaged Haitian city of Gonaives is still struggling to recover following the devastation of Hurricane Hanna two years ago.

    special report
    Special Report: Haiti earthquake
    In the immediate aftermath, over $100m of aid was pledged for Gonaives with agencies from around the world committing to help reconstruct the city.

    In Gonaives, those who survived the hurricane are piecing together their lives, aware of how precarious their existence is, and still awaiting help.

    There are signs of reconstruction projects being financed all over the city, however, residents say that after the flood waters receded so too did the urgency.

    Al Jazeera's Gabriel Elizondo reports from the port city of Gonaives, on whether the Haiti aid effort will be any better this time around.

    SOURCE: Al Jazeera


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