US says Tsvangirai won in Zimbabwe

Top envoy to Africa says negotiated solution may still be needed to break impasse.

    Zimbabweans are still awaiting results of last
    month's presidential poll [EPA]

    Meanwhile, Zimbabweans still await the results, with the opposition accusing Mugabe of withholding them while he plots how to keep power.


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    The octogenarian Mugabe has led Zimbabwe since independence in 1980.


    Frazer was responding to questions about whether some kind of power-sharing agreement could resolve the impasse.


    "We think in this situation we have a clear victor," she said. "Morgan Tsvangirai won and perhaps outright, at which point you don't need a government of national unity. You have to accept the result."


    But she added: "There may need to be a political solution, a negotiated solution."

    SOURCE: Agencies


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