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Dozens die in Nigeria tanker blaze

At least 30 people killed after fuel tanker crashes and catches fire.

    The tanker tipped over and spilled fuel onto cars and into shops before it ignited, witnesses said.
    'Run for my life'
    Matthew Eliagwu, a 61-year-old shop owner, said: "I heard a loud bang and I came out of my shop. I saw fire running down towards my shop, but I escaped.
    "It was impossible to help anyone, because I had to run for my life."
    An AFP reporter in Port Harcourt said the tanker was carrying stolen petrol and the driver was trying to escape a team of policemen chasing the vehicle.
    Police could not immediately confirm the number of casualties.
    The accident comes a day after armed groups fighting for autonomy blew up an oil tanker in the region, wounding three people.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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