DR Congo retakes 'rebel stronghold'

At least 13 soldiers and several dozen rebel fighters die in continuing offensive.

    Nkunda says he is fighting to protect his native
    Tutsis from Hutu militias [EPA]

    Rene Abandi said: "Mushake was not a strategic area, nor a CNDP headquarters."
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    Watch Al Jazeera's report
    on rising tension in the DRC

    He said that Nkunda's troops withdrew to "save the civilian population".
    Nkunda, a former army officer, says he is fighting to protect his native Tutsis from Hutu militia that fled into the DRC after the Rwanda genocide in 1994.
    Fighting in the Masisi province has displaced hundreds of thousands of people since December last year.
    The United States recently urged Nkunda to surrender and go into exile to avoid a bloody showdown, while Kinshasa has called on the general to end his rebellion and reintegrate his men into the army.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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