Kenya pre-election violence soars

Latest death brings toll to 39 since July in run-up to the presidential election.

    Violent clashes have broken out every election
    year in Kenya since 1992 [EPA]
    "The number of deaths is escalating day by day," he said.

    "There is a big humanitarian crisis. The people are in danger of dying from starvation and disease."
    Clashes in Mount Elgon started in late 2006 and have continued despite the deployment of special police squads there.
    Election violence

    Clashes have broken out every election year since 1992.

    One man was shot dead and several were injured at a violent rally in western Kenya on Thursday, officials said.

    In video

    Pre-election attacks in Kenya target women

    Rival groups clashed at the campaign  meeting in Kakamega district, about 350km northwest of the capital Nairobi, police said.

    The man, a taxi driver, died on arrival at Kakamega district hospital after a bullet penetrated his ribs, Japheth Maloba, a doctor at the facility said.

    The latest death brings the death toll to at least 39 in poll-related incidents since July.

    Dan Juma, acting deputy director of the independent Kenya Human Right Commission, said politicians instigate violence to displace supporters of their opponents so that they do not vote.
    The Kenya Human Rights Commission has compiled a report in which it documents 22 deaths in election violence between October 10 and November 19.
    On Thursday, Eric Kiraithe, a police spokesman, said that people found to be inciting bloodshed would be punished.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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