Taiwan says 19 Chinese military aircraft entered its airspace

Incursion included bombers and fighters, according to Taiwan, and was the largest since June.

An H-6 bomber pictured during a previous flight close to Taiwan's ADIZ [File: Taiwan Ministry of National Defense via AP Photo]

Taiwan says 19 Chinese military aircraft, including nuclear-capable bombers, entered its southwestern airspace on Sunday, the latest in a string of almost daily incursions by China’s air force.

The Ministry of National Defense said it tracked the 19 Chinese planes as they flew into its air defence identification zone (ADIZ), and issued radio warnings to the crews. The activity was also tracked by radar and missile defence systems were deployed, it added in a statement.

The group included four H-6 bombers, 10 J-16 fighter jets and four Sukhoi SU-30 jets. A Y-8 transport and airborne early warning aircraft was also part of the incursion.

China has not commented on the flight, the largest incursion since June 15 when at least 28 Chinese air force aircraft – also including fighters and nuclear-capable bombers – entered the ADIZ.

That incursion followed a Group of Seven joint statement criticising China on a range of issues and reiterating the importance of peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait.

Beijing claims Taiwan as its own and has been increasing pressure on the island since Tsai Ing-wen was first elected president in 2016.

Source: Al Jazeera