Half of US adults have at least one COVID vaccine shot

Almost 130 million aged 18 or above received at least one dose of a vaccine, officials reported.

The US has a vaccination rate of 61.6 doses administered per 100 people [File: Reuters]

Half of all adults in the United States have received at least one COVID-19 shot, according to the government, marking another milestone in the nation’s vaccination campaign.

Almost 130 million people aged 18 or above have received at least one dose of a vaccine, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported on Sunday.

Almost 84 million adults, or about 32.5 percent of the population, have been fully vaccinated.

The US cleared the 50-percent mark just a day after the reported global death toll from the coronavirus topped a staggering three million, according to totals compiled by Johns Hopkins University, though the actual number is believed to be significantly higher.

The country’s vaccination rate, at 61.6 doses administered per 100 people, currently falls behind Israel, which leads among countries with at least five million people with a rate of 119.2.

The US also trails the United Arab Emirates, Chile and the United Kingdom, which is vaccinating at a rate of 62 doses per 100 people, according to Our World in Data.

Lowest rates in the south

Tennessee sits in the bottom four states for rates of adults getting at least one shot, at 40.8 percent. It’s trailed only by Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi.

In January, 67 percent of adult Americans were willing to get vaccinated or had already received at least one shot. The figure has climbed to 75 percent, according to the latest AP-NORC poll.

Source: News Agencies