Dubai: Foul play not suspected in dos Santos’ husband death

Authorities say there is no criminal suspicion in Sindika Dokolo’s cause of death while free-diving near Dubai.

Sindika Dokolo, art collector and husband of Angolan billionaire Isabel dos Santos, died in Dubai in a diving accident [Twitter]

Police in Dubai say they do not suspect foul play in the death of Sindika Dokolo, the husband of embattled Angolan billionaire Isabel dos Santos, after his death while free-diving off the emirate.

Dokolo, a 48-year-old Congolese art dealer who married dos Santos in 2002, died last Thursday near Umm al-Hatab Island, Dubai police said in a statement Sunday. His death comes against the backdrop of corruption allegations surrounding the couple.

Dubai police Major-General Khalil Ibrahim al-Mansouri, assistant commander-in-chief for criminal investigation affairs, said authorities received an emergency call about Dokolo near the island. Maritime units rushed to the island, some 7 nautical miles off the coast of Dubai, and later discovered Dokolo dead.

Dokolo had been “performing a free dive locally known as ‘al-hiyari’ – a form of underwater dive that relies on breath-holding rather than the use of breathing apparatus such as scuba gear”, al-Mansouri said.

Free-diving was once common in Dubai when it was a small pearling village on the coast of the Gulf, before its rapid boom late in the last century.

“Dubai police investigated the circumstances of the death and listened to statements of the deceased’s friends and reviewed the results of the forensic report, all of which concluded that there was no criminal suspicion behind the death,” a police statement said.

The statement comes after Dokolo’s family posted a message on his Twitter account announcing his death.

Born in Kinshasa in the country formerly known as Zaire in 1972, Dokolo grew up in Belgium and France, according to a family biography. He collected art from a young age and later managed his family’s holdings in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

Dos Santos is the daughter of Jose Eduardo dos Santos, who ruled diamond and oil-rich Angola for 38 years before stepping down in 2017. His government has long faced allegations of looting the country’s wealth while leaving the majority of its population living in shantytowns.

Dos Santos is reportedly the richest woman in Africa, with Forbes putting her current wealth at $1.4bn. She once served as the head of Angola’s state-owned oil company Sonangol and has stakes in major industries across the former Portuguese colony.

The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ), relying on more than 715,000 confidential financial and business records, reported in January that Dos Santos and her husband had links to more than 400 companies and subsidiaries in 41 countries.

The consortium’s report on the documents, referred to as the “Luanda Leaks”, described Dos Santos as making “her fortune by taking a cut of Angola’s wealth”.

Dos Santos has denied any wrongdoing and called an order freezing her assets in Angola a “politically motivated attack”. She has promised to “use all the instruments of Angolan and international law at my disposal to fight this order and ensure the truth comes out”.

Dos Santos has been living in Portugal. However, a recent report by the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace on how corrupt money flows through Dubai, said: “Dos Santos allegedly deposited more than $57m in a shell company owned by a Dubai-based friend and, as of June 2019, had moved to the emirate.”

The ICIJ earlier reported that dos Santos maintains a home at the Bulgari Hotel and Resorts on a man-made island in Dubai.

Source: AP