Bolivia to hold May 3 vote for new president, Assembly

The elections will choose a president, vice president and members of the legislative assembly.

Former President Morales's MAS party is the country's largest political faction [Agustin Marcarian/Reuters]

Elections for a new government to replace that of overthrown President Evo Morales and the interim Anez administration that followed have been set for May 3, according to an official from Bolivia’s electoral tribunal.

Speaking late on Friday, Supreme Electoral Tribunal Vice President Oscar Hassenteufel said the full electoral calendar will be revealed on Monday.

The elections will choose a president, vice president and members of the legislative assembly. If no clear winner emerges in the vote for president, a second round will be held.

Morales resigned in November after a wave of protests fed by accusations that his backers had rigged an October 20 election.

A conservative interim government led by Jeanine Anez then assumed power.

Morales’ Movement Toward Socialism party is the country’s largest political faction.

From his foreign exile, Morales has said he expects his socialist MAS party to win the elections.

Morales himself will not be a candidate in the elections, but has been appointed to lead his party’s campaign.

The MAS will announce its presidential candidate on January 19.

Right-wing activist and opposition leader Luis Fernando Camacho has already announced his candidacy for the top job.

A lawyer from the economically powerful department of Santa Cruz de la Sierra in the east of the country, he is one of the masterminds behind the protests that ultimately led to Morales’ resignation.

Critics accuse him of racism and religious zeal.

Anez has announced that Bolivia will issue an arrest warrant for Morales on charges of sedition, but the former leader has nevertheless said he intends to return to his country.

Source: News Agencies