Ukraine’s prime minister resigns in protest

Volodymyr Groysman will step down on Wednesday, following inauguration of comedian-turned-president Volodymyr Zelensky.

Groysman reuters
Volodymyr Groysman has resigned as Ukraine's prime minister [Vladyslav Musiienko/Ukrainian Governmental Press Service/Reuters]

Ukraine’s prime minister, Volodymyr Groysman, has announced his resignation in a largely symbolic protest against the new president’s disbanding of parliament.

Groysman will officially leave office on Wednesday, he said, inviting President Volodymyr Zelensky to take full responsibility for the country.

“I have made a decision to resign after holding the government’s next meeting on Wednesday,” he said at a reporters’ briefing in Kiev on Monday.

He will continue to serve as acting prime minister until a new government is formed following forthcoming elections.

“President Zelensky took charge of all future challenges by his call for the government’s resignation,” said Groysman.


Zelensky, who won last month’s presidential poll with 73 percent of the vote, was inaugurated as president on Monday morning, and promptly disbanded the parliament in a move to spark fresh elections while his movement is riding high.

The fresh elections are expected within the next two months.

Source: Al Jazeera, News Agencies