Al Jazeera responds to Sputnik chemical attack report

Russian agency Sputnik has published fake news about Al Jazeera – its claims amount to defamation punishable by law.

Al Jazeera newsroom
The newsroom at the headquarters of the Qatar-based Al Jazeera English-language channel [Al Jazeera]

The Russian media agency Sputnik has published fake news accusing Al Jazeera of filming a staged chemical attack on Syrian civilians by the Syrian army. Sputnik attributed the fake news to what they have called “a military and diplomatic source”.

Al Jazeera does not usually comment on what other agencies publish, but the network finds itself forced to respond to these allegations for several reasons.

It is known that Sputnik is just a propaganda tool that publishes fake news without any shame and this has been cited by several study centres and media outlets.

It is known that Sputnik is always used as a propaganda tool to defend the Syrian regime on an ongoing basis and has even published earlier reports denying the most recent chemical strike in Khan Sheikhoun in Idlib, called it “fake and staged”, even though the attack was confirmed by other impartial agencies and the Independent International Commission of Inquiry.

Al Jazeera warns that the timing of the publication of such a false report may be a prelude to a real attack on civilians in Syria under the pretext of their published news and that it could be used to cover up the crimes committed by the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad by blaming others while the investigation into the chemical attack on Khan Sheikhoun is ongoing.

Al Jazeera would like to stress that the network did not film any chemical attack material in Syria and that our organisation will continue its field coverage of the war in Syria with the objectivity the network is known for.

Al Jazeera challenged Sputnik to prove any of its claims, to provide any evidence supporting these accusations, or to announce the source of the lie that they published.

Al Jazeera maintains all its legal rights and will take legal action against Sputnik agency, which has committed a crime of defamation punishable by law in a number of developed countries.

Finally, Al Jazeera would like to highlight to the international community its concern that if a chemical attack was launched, as it was described in Sputnik’s fabricated article, then the Russian agency would be considered to be a conspirator with those involved.

Source: Al Jazeera