Indonesia military plane crashes into house; 2 killed

Air force says it will conduct an investigation into the deadly crash, the latest of several military accidents.

    A Brazilian Super Tucano light fighter plane made by Embraer [AP]
    A Brazilian Super Tucano light fighter plane made by Embraer [AP]

    An Indonesian air force plane crashed into a house on the country's main island of Java on Wednesday, killing both people on board and critically injuring a woman in the home.

    Major Hamdi Londong, spokesman for the Abdul Rahman Saleh air force base, told the DPA news agency that the aircraft was on a routine training flight when it came down close to the base, located in Malang, a hilly town in East Java province.

    Londong said that the two pilots in the Brazilian-made Embraer EMB 314 Super Tucano died instantly, and a woman living in the house was taken to a hospital in critical condition.

    Indonesian plane was carrying $500,000 in cash

    A witness said that the light attack and trainer aircraft was climbing before it plunged into the residential area.

    "I evacuated a man and a woman whose bodies were buried in the rubble of their own house," Agus, a rescuer on site, told the AFP news agency.

    The air force said that it would conduct an investigation into the crash, the latest of several military aviation accidents.

    In December, two pilots were killed when a military plane crashed in central Java while performing manoeuvres.

    In June a Hercules C-130 crashed into a residential neighbourhood in Medan, the largest city on Sumatra island, killing 142 people and causing widespread destruction.

    Malang is 850km east of the capital, Jakarta.

     At least 116 killed in Indonesian plane crash

    SOURCE: Agencies


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