Australia remembers Abbott with #putoutyouronions

Ousted prime minister commemorated with hashtag referring to his liking for eating raw onions, skin and all.

    Tony Abbott was defeated in a Liberal Party leadership challenge on Monday [EPA]
    Tony Abbott was defeated in a Liberal Party leadership challenge on Monday [EPA]

    Tony Abbott, the ousted Australian prime minister, is being commemorated by Australians with a trending hashtag #putoutyouronions.

    Social media users across the country tweeted pictures of onions, in a dubious tribute to their former leader.

    The hashtag referred to an incident in March when Mr Abbott was pictured eating a raw onion, skin and all, during a trip to a factory in Tasmania.

    It acknowledged previous but more sincere tributes in the country. In April, Australian women hung their wedding dresses on their front doors and tweeted #putyourdressout after a young woman, Stephanie Scott, was murdered shortly before her wedding.

    Australian cricketer Philip Hughes, who died last year after being struck in the neck by a cricket ball, was honoured with #put yourbatsout.

    Mr Abbott on Monday was defeated in a Liberal Party leadership spill by Malcolm Turnbull, his former communications minister.

    SOURCE: Al Jazeera


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