Messi reaches landmark as Barca stay on course

Messi scores his 400th goal for the club as Barcelona beat Valencia while Real Madrid maintain pursuit with win.

    Messi's goal was his 400th for Barcelona [Getty Images]
    Messi's goal was his 400th for Barcelona [Getty Images]

    Lionel Messi hit his 400th goal for La Liga leaders Barcelona deep into stoppage time to seal a 2-0 win over Valencia while Real Madrid maintained their pursuit by defeating Malaga 3-1.

    La Liga top-scorers
    39 Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid)     
    35 Lionel Messi (Barcelona)            
    20 Antoine Griezmann (Atl Madrid) 
    18 Neymar (Barcelona)                  
    17 Carlos Bacca (Sevilla) 

    Barca have 78 points, two more than second-placed Real, with six games to go.

    Uruguay striker Luis Suarez continued his lethal form with a clinical low strike inside the area after being set up by Messi with less than a minute on the clock.

    The Argentine then sealed Barcelona's win in the final minute of injury time.

    Real Madrid's win, meanwhile, came at a cost with Gareth Bale and Luka Modric going off injured.

    Real went ahead when Sergio Ramos volleyed home a Cristiano Ronaldo free kick after 24 minutes.

    Rodriguez extended Real's lead with a fine effort after 69 minute but they had barely stopped celebrating when Malaga pulled a goal back with a header from the unmarked Juanmi.

    Javier Hernandez then set up Ronaldo to score from close range in injury time.

    Bale lasted only two minutes before limping off with an apparent calf injury. He is set to undergo tests as will Modric who was substituted after 59 minutes with a knee problem.


    Real Madrid 3-1 Malaga

    Deportivo Coruna 1-2 Atletico Madrid

    Barcelona 2-0 Valencia

    SOURCE: Reuters


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