CAR to get 7,600 UN peacekeepers next month

African peacekeeping forces will hand over their duties to UN troops and police on September 15.

UN troops will be taking over peacekeeping duties from an African force [Reuters]

The United Nations is due to send 7,600 troops and police to Central African Republic to take over peacekeeping duties from an African force in the conflict-torn country, the UN envoy to CAR has said.

Babacar Gaye said on Tuesday that the initial number of troops that will enter the country on September 15 represents about 65 percent of a nearly 12,000-strong UN force authorised by the UN Security Council in April.

Peter Wilson, Britain’s deputy ambassador, said Gaye told council members he expects the full force to be on the ground early next year.

Central African Republic has been in turmoil since Muslim rebels overthrew the long-time president in March 2013.

An armed Christian movement began retaliating against their human rights abuses, and thousands have died in sectarian violence in the past 16 months.

Source: AP