Aid workers kidnapped in Somalia

Aid workers kidnapped in Somalia.

Puntland has been relatively peaceful compared to Somalia proper [EPA]
Puntland has been relatively peaceful compared to Somalia proper [EPA]

Gwen Le Gouil was in Bosaso to shoot a documentary on the mass  smuggling of refugees from Somalia and other war-torn Horn of Africa  countries across the Gulf of Aden to Yemen when he was captured on  December 16.


In May, gunmen kidnapped two aid workers – a Kenyan and a  Briton – employed by CARE International in the same region.


Puntland, which declared its semi-autonomous status in 1998, is  relatively peaceful compared to Somalia proper, which has been wracked by violence since former dictator Mohamed Siad Barre was  ousted in 1991.


The most senior leader of Somalia’s Council of Islamic Courts has said that a peace deal can be struck for his Horn of Africa country, but only if neighbouring Ethiopia withdraws troops protecting a weak transitional government.

9 Nov 2006

Somalia’s transitional government has approved the deployment of foreign troops, despite opposition from the Islamic courts.

14 Jun 2006

At least 20 people have been killed in fighting in Somalia’s capital, witnesses tell Aljazeera’s correspondent in Mogadishu.

9 Jul 2006
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