Afghans condemn ‘insults’ to Islam

Demonstrators demand that Kabul cuts ties with Denmark and the Netherlands.

Afghan protesters
Protesters burned Danish and Dutch flags and chanted slogans against the two countries [Reuters]
On Tuesday, in the capital Kabul, about 200 politicians shouted “Death to the enemies of Islam” outside the country’s parliament.

Troops call

Some protesters in Jalalabad called on the Kabul government to sever ties with Denmark and the Netherlands, while others demanded troops from the two countries leave Afghanistan.

“If these forces do not leave, we are prepared to carry out suicide attacks against them”

Qari Ibrahim, protester

“We don’t want Dutch and Danish forces in Afghanistan. If our government does not kick them out, we will continue our demonstrations until they leave Afghanistan,” Qari Ibrahim, a university student, said.

“If these forces do not leave, we are prepared to carry out suicide attacks against them.”

The Netherlands has about 1,500 troops deployed in Afghanistan as part of a Nato-led mission, while Denmark has more than 600 personnel.

The Taliban has branded the planned film and reprinting of the cartoon as part of a “crusader war” against Muslims.

The film is expected to be released later this month. Geert Wilders, the Dutch right-wing politician who is making it, has revealed few details about it but has previously called the Quran a “fascist book” that “incites violence”.

The first printing in 2006 of the Danish cartoon, which depicts the Prophet in a turban shaped like a bomb, caused days of protests across the world.

In Afghanistan, 11 people were killed during those demonstrations.

Source: News Agencies