Fighters killed in Pakistan clashes

Deaths reported after launch of military operation in tribal area near Afghan border.

No ground forces were used in the attack between the Pakistani army and Taliban fighters [AFP]
No ground forces were used in the attack between the Pakistani army and Taliban fighters [AFP]

Hotbed of support


North Waziristan is seen as a hotbed of support for the Taliban and al-Qaeda, and an army offensive has been anticipated since fighters abandoned, last month, a peace pact struck with the government in September.


There have been several clashes between Pakistani troops and fighters over the past few weeks as the army reinforced checkpoints and carried out more patrols.


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“Musharraf has spent most of his time being a vassal of Bush and he failed to gauge what exactly was going on within his country. He made enemies!”

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Fighters have struck back with a series of attacks, including suicide bombings, in Waziristan and elsewhere in the North West Frontier Province.


More than 200 people have been killed in bomb attacks and clashes since trouble broke out at the Red Mosque in early July.


On Tuesday, Arshad announced the launch of an offensive by Pakistani security forces against hideouts that he said were being used by pro-Taliban fighters in North Waziristan.
He said forces hit targets in Daygan, a village 15km west of the town Miranshah, after receiving “credible intelligence that fighters were present there”.

Cobra helicopter gunships and artillery launched the attack at about 5am (0000 GMT) and it lasted about four hours, he said.

No ground forces were used in the assault, and there was no immediate word on casualties.

Staging post


“The militants used to regroup and prepare attacks on security forces and take refuge at these compounds, so security forces targeted them,” Arshad said, calling the compounds a “staging post.”


A doctor in Miranshah said his hospital received three wounded people, including two children.


Witnesses there said the helicopters destroyed three houses. They also said the army was using mortars and artillery.


“As soon as firing began we ran out and during that a bomb hit our house,” Attaullah Jan, one of the wounded, said from a hospital bed.

Source : News Agencies


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