China calls for Iran talks

Beijing says sanctions will not yield a solution in row over nuclear programme.

The UN Security Council voted unanimously
The UN Security Council voted unanimously
“The Chinese side calls on all sides to continue all-out diplomatic efforts to push for an early resumption of talks and seek a long-term, comprehensive solution.
“The Chinese side has all along supported protecting the system of international non-proliferation, opposing the proliferation of nuclear weapons, and hopes there is no new unrest in the Middle East.”
China “also upholds political and diplomatic efforts to peacefully solve the Iran nuclear question by talks”, he said.
The resolution demands that Iran end all research on uranium enrichment, which can produce fuel for nuclear power plants as well as for bombs, and halt all research and development on methods of producing or delivering atomic weapons.
Less restrictive
The thrust of the sanctions is a ban on imports and exports of dangerous materials and technology relating to uranium enrichment, reprocessing and heavy-water reactors, as well as ballistic missile delivery systems.
The measure is less restrictive than the original draft, drawn up by Britain, France and Germany, due to Russian objections.
A ban on Iran’s oil exports was not considered.
Iran is China’s third-largest oil supplier after Saudia Arabia and Angola, and Beijing has been wary of angering Tehran so as not to upset these supplies.
Source : News Agencies


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