Moussa briefs Saudi king on Lebanon

The Arab League chief is due to return to Beirut to resume his mediation mission.

Arab League's Amr Moussa meets Lebanese political leaders
Moussa is trying to coax government and oppositionleaders to agree to form a national unity cabinet
On Sunday, Al Jazeera reported quoting a diplomat accompanying Moussa as saying that Abdullah discussed with him the outcome of his talks with different Lebanese parties, expressed support for these efforts and wished Moussa success in his mission.
Mass protests
The latest crisis erupted in Lebanon when the Hezbollah-led opposition ordered thousands of supporters earlier this month to stage mass protests and ongoing daily sit-ins, forcing Fouad Siniora, the prime minister, to live in his office complex in central Beirut, surrounded by security forces and barbed wire.
Moussa last week managed to get the two Lebanese sides to agree on the outlines of a national unity cabinet, but the rival factions failed to bridge other differences that threaten to scuttle the deal.
The Arab League chief has called on all the Lebanese parties to defuse the tension and expressed hope that the remaining unsolved issues could be resolved in the next two weeks.
Hezbollah is pushing for more power in a new Lebanese cabinet partly to avoid being disarmed by any future government. However, Siniora and his anti-Syrian supporters have rejected Hezbollah’s demands, calling the campaign a Syria-backed coup.
Source: Al Jazeera, News Agencies