Israeli MP: Arabs are worms

An Israeli Knesset member from Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s ruling Likud party has described all Arabs as worms in a parliamentary debate.

Likud's Yehiel Hazan has refused to apologise for his insult

Yehiel Hazan, parliamentary leader of the biggest lobby group for Jewish colonists illegally settling in the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip, said on Monday:

“The Arabs are worms. You find them everywhere like worms, underground as well as above.”

Hazan continued: “Until we understand that we’re doing business with a nation of assassins and terrorists who don’t want us here, there will be no let up. These worms have not stopped attacking Jews for a century.”
The Knesset member refused to rescind his comments as demanded by the speaker of parliament.
The right-wing Likud MP was speaking one day after five Israelis and two Palestinian resistance fighters were killed in an attack on an Israeli army post at the Rafah border crossing between Egypt and the Gaza Strip.

Source: AFP