Jordan firm to build light aircraft

Jordan Aerospace Industries (JAI) has become the first private company in the Arab world to manufacture light aircraft and is expected to complete its first model before the end of the year.

About 550 exhibitors took part in the Dubai air show

“Jordan Aerospace Industries is the first and only private enterprise in the Middle East to manufacture, assemble and service light general aviation certified aircraft,” JAI president and CEO Muayad al-Samarrai told a news conference at the Dubai air show on Thursday. 

JAI secured approval from the Jordan Civil Aviation Authority.  Production of the first aircraft, the SAMA CH 2000 trainer, began several months ago and would be completed shortly, Samarrai said. 

“The first aircraft will be delivered to a Jordanian flying school before the end of this year.” 

The company had secured export orders for at least 25 aircraft from buyers across the Middle East, Africa and Asia, he added. 

Different aircrafts

JAI has also secured an agreement with the Canadian firm Zenair to manufacture and certify the Hawk-1 CH801, a four-seat STOL utility aircraft used for surveillance, crop spraying and other functions. 

The company will likewise manufacture and assemble the REMOS G3-Rali aircraft, a lightweight craft manufactured by the German firm Remos Aircraft which won several awards at the AERO 2001 show in Germany. 

Located at Amman International airport, JAI has a paid-up
capital of $30 million and is planning to plough nearly $50
million into upgrading its facilities, and into research and development, Samarrai said. 

About 550 exhibitors from 36 countries took part in the Dubai
air show.

Source: AFP

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