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Zeina Khodr: Ask Me Anything on Syria

Al Jazeera's roving correspondent, just back from Aleppo, will be live on Reddit answering your questions about Syria.

    Al Jazeera's Zeina Khodr has just returned from Aleppo, and was on Reddit at 13GMT on Thursday to answer your questions about the Syrian conflict.

    This Reddit iAMA s now closed. To view the Reddit AMA, click here.

    Khodr is a roving correspondent based out of Doha. She has been working with Al Jazeera English since the launch of the channel in 2006. Currently, Khodr mainly covers the Arab World, but she also regularly reported from Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

    Khodr has worked in national and international news for more than 15 years, with major organisations including Al Jazeera's online and Arabic-language services, MBC, Emirates Dubai Television, the BBC's World Service and CNN.

    Recently, Khodr was nominated at the Monte Carlo TV and Film Festival for her reporting during the fall of Tripoli. In December 2011, she won a Sky Women In TV and Film award in the category "The ITV Achievement Of The Year Award" for her Fall of Tripoli news coverage.

    Follow Zeina Khodr on Twitter @ZeinaKhodr

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    SOURCE: Al Jazeera


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