Jason Hickel


The death of international development

The development industry needs an overhaul of strategy, not a change of language.

Poverty & Development

Exposing the great 'poverty reduction' lie

The UN claims that its Millennium Development Campaign has reduced poverty globally, an assertion th

Business & Economy

The new shock doctrine: 'Doing Business' with the World Bank

A yearly World Bank report encourages countries to undertake extreme deregulation.


South Africa at 20: Storms behind the rainbow

South Africa is facing growing socio-economic gaps, despite 20 years of democracy.

Business & Economy

Flipping the corruption myth

Corruption is by far not the main factor behind persisting poverty in the Global South.


'Free Trade' and the death of democracy

A new free trade deal might expose governments to the will of corporations.


The madness of capital

World leaders remain wedded to economic metrics that say little about the well-being of humans and the environment.

Business & Economy

It's time for a global minimum wage

Capitalism has been globalised, but the rules that protect people from capitalism have not.

Business & Economy

The truth about extreme global inequality

Global inequality is growing in part because of the neoliberal economic policies imposed on developing countries.


Neoliberal plague: AIDS and global capitalism

Battling AIDS means challenging the power of rich nations over the world's resources, argues Hickel.

Business & Economy

The World Bank and the development delusion

The World Bank can be an effective tool in the fight against poverty with fundamental changes in its power structure.


Neoliberal Egypt: The hijacked revolution

The country's new leaders seem to be planning the same old economic policies which led to increased poverty.