Jan Egeland

Jan Egeland is secretary-general of the Norwegian Refugee Council. In 2006, Time magazine named him one of the 100 "people who shape our world".


Lake Chad Basin: World's most neglected crisis rages on

As the humanitarian scale-up in the region continues, governments and donors are urged to do their part.

War & Conflict

We cannot let down the Central African Republic again

If we pull out of Central African Republic now, the killing fields may soon return.

War & Conflict

This is how we failed Syria

Four years into the largest humanitarian crisis on our watch, the conflict in Syria is worsening.


Syria and the collapse of international solidarity

Bureaucratic hurdles delay the support, aid convoys are blocked and humanitarian workers are attacked.

US & Canada

Our unkept promise to Afghan women

As there can be no quick fix for war, there is no easy solution for decades of women's rights abuses.