Al Jazeera English magazine: US 2012 election

The second edition offers iPad and iPhone users interactive and indepth analyses on the race to the White House.

In the second issue of the Al Jazeera English digital monthly magazine, we examine the US political landscape as the 2012 presidential election enters its final stretch.

Click here for the second issue of Al Jazeera’s digital magazine

Now available on iPads and iPhones, the issue showcases the best of Al Jazeera’s election coverage – featuring analysis from our correspondents, lively discussion shows and indepth documentaries, op-eds from political commentators, interactive graphics and the voices of ordinary Americans who debate the issues that matter to them.

The issue features:

  • An exploration of the science of US elections – campaign strategy, the technology shaping the campaigns, the electoral system and the role of the all-important ‘swing states’
  • The cost of US democracy – with this election set to be the most expensive ever, we examine the issue of campaign funding and ask if money – and those who wield it – are corrupting the political process
  • For sale: The American dream – we examine the impact of the economic crisis on ordinary Americans and ask why the growing number of American poor are failing to make their voices heard at the ballot
  • Obama vs. Romney on the Middle East – we analyse the positions of the two candidates, ask why foreign policy is largely missing from the presidential campaigns and speak to Arab and South Asian Americans about their key election issues
  • Mitt Romney’s healthcare dilemma – has the rightward lurch of the Republican Party left their candidate unable to take credit for one of his greatest achievements as governor of Massachusetts?
  • Just what awaits the winner? – With its position of global supremacy being challenged, we ask if the next US president will be faced with the unenviable task of overseeing the country’s decline

Already available on iPads, you can now also read the magazine on iPhones.

Visit iTunes to download – it is completely free.

Magazines for Al Jazeera Arabic and Al Jazeera Documentary were launched earlier this year.

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