Middle class fuels Bangladesh boom

With 30 million middle-income earners keen to spend, nation’s economy is thriving despite global slump.

bangladesh booming middle class

Business in Bangladesh is booming despite the global slump as a thriving middle class’s appetite for consumption boosts the country’s economy.

Statistics show that 30 million people make up the middle income bracket; more than the population of Sweden, Norway, and Denmark combined.

Atiur Rahman, the governer of the Bangladesh Bank, told Al Jazeera: “In a decade or so we will be one of the 30 largest economies of the world, and one should keep that in mind. It is not the size of the country that matters, it’s the population and it’s a very entrepreneurial population, and there lies our strength.”

Al Jazeera’s Nicolas Haque reports from Dhaka.

Source: Al Jazeera