Will Swanson

Will Swanson


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Mar­gin­alised and job­less, des­per­ate young men in Nairo­bi slums pro­vide fer­tile ground for al-Shabab.

Published On 30 Jul 2014

NYPD re­port sheds light on mall at­tack mis­in­for­ma­tion, while new laws bring the press in line.

Published On 22 Dec 2013

Mem­bers of Nairo­bi’s Kenyan-So­ma­li com­mu­ni­ty share sto­ries of fear and dis­crim­i­na­tion.

Published On 15 Dec 2013

A plan to rein­te­grate some of the 600,000 So­ma­lis in Kenya wor­ries refugees and some lo­cal busi­ness­es.

Published On 21 Nov 2013

Com­mu­ni­ties that have bought into con­ser­va­tion and tourism risk los­ing it all to ‘new breed of poach­ers’.

Published On 16 Oct 2013