Safeeyah Kharsany

Safeeyah Kharsany

Safeeyah Kharsany is an online journalist with Al Jazeera English. She has covered South Africa and other parts of Sub-Saharan Africa and reports on h... uman rights, women's issues and social justice. Follow @safeeyah //


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Africa’s most pop­u­lous coun­try goes to the polls on March 28 to elect a pres­i­dent. And it’s too close to call.

Published On 27 Mar 2015
Nigeria Elex Outside Image

Three armed men and sev­er­al hostages die, as as­sault by French po­lice ends sieges at two dif­fer­ent lo­ca­tions.

Published On 10 Jan 2015

Al Jazeera speaks to Nel­son Man­dela’s peers who shared their mem­o­ries of a leader who fought to unite a na­tion.

Published On 30 Dec 2013

A look at what it was about the man, Nel­son Man­dela, that made him a leader for all times.

Published On 16 Dec 2013