Mohamad Alasmar

Mohamad Alasmar

Mohamad Alasmar is Save the Children's Middle East, North Africa and Eastern Europe Advocacy and Resource Mobilization Director. Mohamad has over a d... ecade of advocacy, programme operation and humanitarian response senior-level experience, having worked across several country offices, including Jordan, Palestine, Tunisia, Lebanon and on the regional Syria Refugee Response. Over several years of holding senior leadership roles within the Middle East and North Africa, Mohamad has built robust networks among civil society, humanitarian actors and strong governmental relationships.


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For the sake of chil­dren, we have to de­mand an end to the vi­o­lence and ad­her­ence to in­ter­na­tion­al law in Pales­tine.

Opinion by Mohamad Alasmar
Published On 23 Feb 2024