Mark Perry

Mark Perry

Mark Perry is a Washington DC based foreign policy analyst, reporter and the author of nine books on US political and military history.


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While Chuck Hagel is tak­ing all the US at­ten­tion, few have no­ticed the nom­i­na­tion of John Bren­nan to head the CIA.

Opinion by Mark Perry
Published On 17 Jan 2013
Files John Brennan to be nominated CIA director

If you ut­ter a fal­si­ty of­ten enough, you be­lieve it. That is the case when we mis­take dic­ta­tors as be­ing de­mo­c­ra­t­ic.

Opinion by Mark Perry
Published On 22 May 2011
arab peace

As the non­vi­o­lence move­ment in Pales­tine con­tin­ues to be threat­ened, knowl­edge of its ex­is­tence re­mains min­i­mal at best.

Opinion by Mark Perry
Published On 28 Apr 2011
nabi saleh protests - foreign policy - mark perry