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Lauren Williams


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Three mil­lion Syr­i­an refugees have fled the coun­try since civ­il war erupt­ed in 2011.

Published On 31 Aug 2014

The ap­point­ment of Ah­met Davu­to­glu as Turkey’s new PM has high­light­ed grow­ing di­vi­sions with­in the rul­ing AK par­ty.

Published On 26 Aug 2014

Turkey’s new pres­i­dent-elect is ex­pect­ed to change the po­lit­i­cal sys­tem, but ex­perts say Er­do­gan faces many chal­lenges.

Published On 11 Aug 2014

Turk­ish vot­ers in Is­tan­bul and Izmir tell Al Jazeera who they will vote for in pres­i­den­tial polls on Au­gust 10.

Published On 8 Aug 2014

De­spite wide­spread death, de­struc­tion and dis­place­ment, As­sad gov­ern­ment will hold pres­i­den­tial polls by July.

Published On 9 Apr 2014

Ris­ing sec­tar­i­an ten­sions and a lack of fund­ing for Lebanon’s mil­i­tary, com­pound the chal­lenges in keep­ing Tripoli safe.

Published On 19 Mar 2014