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As right-wingers dominate the Knesset, Arab citizens of Israel say institutional discrimination is getting worse.

Opinion by Kieron Monks
Published On 4 Jun 2011
Arab citizens of Israel

Israeli leaders and settlers stifle the peace process by asserting their “right to all parts” of the West Bank.

Opinion by Kieron Monks
Published On 29 May 2011
Israel enclave in east Jerusalem

Since the fall of Mubarak, union members formed a new political party and struggle to nationalise their company.

Published On 25 Apr 2011
egyptian unionists strike - Kieron Monks article

As the military continues suppressing protesters, youth groups worry they are being marginalised.

Published On 18 Apr 2011
Egyptian arrested by military in Tahrir square - goes with Kieron Monks article

Traditional Bedouin communities are at a “breaking point” in Israel and Palestine. They now face an impossible dilemma.

Published On 30 Mar 2011
unexploded ordnance in West Bank village of Rashayida