Kavitha Chekuru

Kavitha Chekuru


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Plans to tap new markets by carrying oil from energy-rich region of Alberta through pipelines face host of hurdles.

Published On 4 Jun 2012
Albertan oil sands

A fast developing oil and gas industry is taking a toll on infrastructure and raising concerns among local tribes.

Published On 28 Mar 2011
North Dakota sunset and oil/gas rig

Conservationists and Native American tribes in the US are fighting to restore the wild bison to its old home.

Published On 25 Mar 2011
Bison roam the Black Hills of South Dakota - goes with Kavitha''s piece

The push to remove grey wolves as an endangered species in the US is replacing science with politics.

Published On 15 Mar 2011
Picture of a grey wolf - to go with Kavitha''s piece