Karlos Zurutuza

Karlos Zurutuza

Karlos Zurutuza is a roving correspondent covering conflict along parallel 33, from Western Sahara to Eastern Baluchistan. Follow him on Twitter: @ka... rloszurutuza


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Basque journalists continue to serve prison sentences for alleged ties to the armed group ETA.

Published On 17 May 2015
Spain gag law

The country’s main ethnic minority feels targeted amid growing political upheaval.

Published On 6 Jan 2015

Trash has been piling up in the district of Alaya, where waste collectors say they have faced repeated attacks.

Published On 8 Dec 2014

War-torn neighbour is an uncertain haven for refugees fleeing Pakistan’s Balochistan, where locals seek independence.

Published On 17 Sep 2014

Residents of one of Iraq’s most disputed and flammable regions explain who they will vote for and why.

Published On 28 Apr 2014

Spain considers Basque independence group ETA ‘terrorists’, but Arnaldo Otegi says they want a negotiated solution.

Published On 11 Apr 2014