Joseph Massad

Joseph Massad

Joseph Massad teaches and writes about modern Arab politics and intellectual history. He has a particular interest in theories of identity and culture...  - including theories of nationalism, sexuality, race and religion. He received his PhD from Columbia University in 1998. He is the author of Desiring Arabs [2007], which was awarded the Lionel Trilling Book Award; The Persistence of the Palestinian Question: Essays on Zionism and the Palestinian Question [2006]; and Colonial Effects: The Making of National Identity in Jordan [2001]. His book Daymumat al-Mas’alah al-Filastiniyyah was published by Dar Al-Adab in 2009, and La persistence de la question palestinienne was published by La Fabrique in 2009 His articles have appeared in Public Culture, Interventions, Middle East Journal, Psychoanalysis and History, Critique, and the Journal of Palestine Studies, and used to write frequently for Al-Ahram Weekly. He teaches courses on modern Arab culture, psychoanalysis in relation to civilisation and identity, gender and sexuality in the Arab world, and Palestinian-Israeli politics and society, with seminars on Nationalism in the Middle East as Idea and Practice, and also on Orientalism and Islam.


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It is Is­rael’s claims that it rep­re­sents and speaks for all Jews that are the most anti-Se­mit­ic claims of all.

Opinion by Joseph Massad
Published On 21 May 2013
Young visitors listen to a recording nex

Like every­thing else with Zion­ism and Is­rael, their con­cep­tion of rights is nev­er uni­ver­sal but al­ways par­tic­u­lar.

Opinion by Joseph Massad
Published On 20 Apr 2013
Land Day clashes

The award win­ning TV show does lit­tle to al­le­vi­ate the myths and mis­con­cep­tions about Arabs and Mus­lims, writes au­thor.

Opinion by Joseph Massad
Published On 25 Oct 2012