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AIPAC and some in­flu­en­tial Re­pub­li­cans join forces to push Barack Oba­ma for hawk­ish ac­tion on Syr­ia.

Published On 4 Sep 2013
Obama Speaks At AIPAC Policy Conference 2011

As hunger strikes con­tin­ue at con­tro­ver­sial prison, US Pres­i­dent says fa­cil­i­ty is “not nec­es­sary to keep Amer­i­ca safe”.

Published On 3 May 2013

Opin­ions di­vid­ed over US pres­i­dent’s nom­i­na­tions of Chuck Hagel and John Bren­nan to head Pen­ta­gon and CIA re­spec­tive­ly.

Published On 8 Jan 2013
Obama Nominates Hagel For Defense Secretary, Brennan For CIA Chief

By re­fus­ing to veto the Na­tion­al De­fence Au­tho­ri­sa­tion Act, Oba­ma has al­lowed the con­tro­ver­sial fa­cil­i­ty to stay open.

Published On 4 Jan 2013
Detention Center At Guantanamo Bay Remains Despite Attempts At Closure

US an­a­lysts be­lieve Syr­ia has reached a “tip­ping point” but have no in­ten­tion of putting boots on the ground.

Published On 25 Jul 2012

Pres­i­dent Oba­ma’s new de­fence strat­e­gy fo­cus­es on re­duc­ing mil­i­tary spend­ing while turn­ing at­ten­tion east­wards.

Published On 7 Jan 2012

Den­nis Ross, Oba­ma’s strong­ly pro-Is­rael Mid­dle East aide, will leave his post for a po­si­tion in pro-Is­rael think tank.

Published On 12 Nov 2011
dennis ross