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AIPAC and some influential Republicans join forces to push Barack Obama for hawkish action on Syria.

Published On 4 Sep 2013
Obama Speaks At AIPAC Policy Conference 2011

Opinions divided over US president’s nominations of Chuck Hagel and John Brennan to head Pentagon and CIA respectively.

Published On 8 Jan 2013
Obama Nominates Hagel For Defense Secretary, Brennan For CIA Chief

By refusing to veto the National Defence Authorisation Act, Obama has allowed the controversial facility to stay open.

Published On 4 Jan 2013
Detention Center At Guantanamo Bay Remains Despite Attempts At Closure

US analysts believe Syria has reached a “tipping point” but have no intention of putting boots on the ground.

Published On 25 Jul 2012

President Obama’s new defence strategy focuses on reducing military spending while turning attention eastwards.

Published On 7 Jan 2012

Dennis Ross, Obama’s strongly pro-Israel Middle East aide, will leave his post for a position in pro-Israel think tank.

Published On 12 Nov 2011
dennis ross