Imran Garda

Imran Garda


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On the streets of Wash­ing­ton, one of the most deep-seat­ed so­cio-eco­nom­ic ills in the US is plain­ly vis­i­ble.

Published On 30 Jan 2012

One of the largest armed con­flicts in the world is also the most un­der-re­port­ed. Al Jazeera’s Im­ran Gar­da looks at the war be­tween In­dia’s Maoists and gov­ern­ment forces.

Published On 21 Sep 2011

A fast-sell­ing US chil­dren’s book aimed at re­mem­ber­ing the events of 9/11 stands ac­cused of us­ing words as weapons.

Published On 6 Sep 2011

Im­ran Gar­da ex­am­ines myth-mak­ing and re­al­i­ty in the new South Africa.

Published On 29 Aug 2010
south africa world cup

Im­ran Gar­da speaks to some of those who were on board the Mavi Mar­mara aid ship.

Published On 15 Jun 2010
Mavi Marmara