Hasan Salim Patel

Hasan Salim Patel

Hasan Salim Patel is Planning Editor at Al Jazeera English Online, previously he was Senior Global PR lead for Al Jazeera Media Network. Follow @Hasa... npatel //


Timeline on the life of former British prime minister, who died at the age of 87 after suffering a stroke.

8 Apr 2013

Interactive map of Gaza shows how different cities in the besieged strip are impacted by Israeli air attacks.

15 Nov 2012

From bonds to eurobonds, default to deflation and GDP to stimulus, the economic terms used explained.

10 Jun 2012

Widespread riots across England led politicians to open a discussion about “broken Britain”, landing our No. 8.

27 Dec 2011

Tax on financial transactions intended to make finance sector pay something back after massive public sector bailouts.

18 Nov 2011