Fatma Naib

Fatma Naib

Fatma Naib is a New York Festivals Award-winning Eritrean-Swedish freelance journalist based in Stockholm. She previously worked at Al Jazeera English... based in Doha focusing on race, FGM, social justice, culture, refugees and women’s issues. Reported from Sweden, Kenya, Somaliland, Senegal, Zanzibar, Sudan, UK, Geneva and Egypt during the Arab Spring. Her latest film was Correspondent - The Cut: Exploring FGM.

Mothers of Rinkeby titled cover

Life in the Stockholm suburb of Rinkeby seen through the eyes of a mother fighting to improve life for its residents.

Published On 9 Sep 2018
Fatima - Kenya - The Cut

Fatma Naib undertook a journey to understand why so many communities continue to subject their daughters to female genital mutilation and what it would take for them to stop.

Published On 24 Apr 2018

“As they took her into surgery, I asked her to fight, but whispered that I would understand if she could not.”

Published On 8 Feb 2016