Elizabeth Dunningham

Elizabeth Dunningham


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Knee­jerk con­dem­na­tions have drowned out any soul-search­ing about what has em­bold­ened Britain’s youths to rage against the sys­tem.

Published On 13 Aug 2011

Tunisia: Then and now

The night af­ter Pres­i­dent Ben Ali fled the coun­try, gun bat­tles raged in Tu­nis, but a fer­vent op­ti­mism pre­vailed. To­day, the op­ti­mism is tem­pered with the wor­ry of many unan­swered ques­tions.

Published On 26 Jul 2011

Ac­tivists are protest­ing the ef­fects of the fi­nan­cial bailout in Greece – and tak­ing mat­ters into their own hands.

Published On 10 May 2011
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Al Jazeera fol­lowed diplo­mats and ac­tivists tak­ing a car­bon-free route to Copen­hagen.

Published On 8 Dec 2009
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