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Fail­ure to un­seat coun­try’s rul­ing coali­tion rais­es ques­tions about fu­ture role of op­po­si­tion heavy­weight An­war Ibrahim.

Published On 6 May 2013
Malaysia election

Both sides of Malaysia’s po­larised po­lit­i­cal di­vide feel con­fi­dent of elec­tion vic­to­ry.

Published On 4 May 2013
Malaysia''s PM Razak presents local candidates for his National Front coalition during an election campaign in Rawang

Un­spar­ing analy­sis of $60bn spent ‘re­build­ing’ Iraq lays bare the waste trail that may lead all the way to Afghanistan.

Published On 27 Mar 2013
US female soldier

A par­ti­san love­fest and Re­pub­li­can smack­down, De­moc­rats still may not have giv­en the pres­i­dent the mo­men­tum he needs.

Published On 7 Sep 2012

False hope and no im­mi­gra­tion re­form leave king-mak­ing Lati­no com­mu­ni­ty dis­sat­is­fied, but stuck with the pres­i­dent.

Published On 6 Sep 2012
Immigration reform protesters at DNC 2012 [Charles McDermid/Al Jazeera]

Union lead­ers gath­er away from De­mo­c­ra­t­ic con­ven­tion to voice con­cerns over what they see as di­min­ish­ing labour rights.

Published On 4 Sep 2012
Southern Workers Assembly speaker

De­moc­rats try to rekin­dle vot­er pas­sion in face of tight­en­ing polls, slack econ­o­my and ap­a­thy.

Published On 3 Sep 2012
Charlotte Prepares For Democratic National Convention